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Reasons for optimism in 2023 - Inflation, Interest Rates & The Economy
No one has a crystal ball to know what exactly will unfold for 2023. But the following are just some of the reasons we can all be hopeful for a return to more normal market conditions in the coming...
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What you need to know about "trigger rates"
There’s been a great deal of talk in the media lately about variable-rate mortgage borrowers hitting their so-called “trigger rate.”Below, I’m going to explain what that trigger rate is, the...
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Top 20 Mortgage Broker in Canada
TMG had their year end meeting and I was presented with an award for being in the Top 20 Nationally! Thank you to my clients, referral partners and TMG management for your support!.
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Top home improvement tips to consider before selling your home
A renovation is probably the last thing on your mind right before you plan to sell your home.However, there are some key areas where a little bit of TLC can go a long way to impressing potential...
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